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March 24th, 2017

Getting a green pool clear involves a lot of time and effort which is why you should always try not to get your pool that dirty. There are loads of professional pool cleaning companies in and around Ventura CA and Camarillo CA who can make the task a lot easier. However if you want to go for a DIY approach then keep reading this article where we are going to give you a basic idea about cleaning a green pool.

Cleaning: If you can see up to 6-8 inches beneath the water surface then your pool can be treated chemically, otherwise you need to drain the pool. Use a skimmer to remove all the leaves and debris from the surface of your pool. Never try vacuuming the pool when you can’t see the bottom of the pool or when lots of debris is accumulated in the bottom.

Testing: Next you need to check the pH level of the water with the help of a test kit. If the pH level is too high then you need to use a gallon of muriatic acid. The pH needs to be tested again after shocking and after circulating it for 4 hours.

Shocking: When the pH level is below 7.2 you need to shock your pool with granulated chlorine. Superchlorinating the water would exterminate all the bacteria and algae. Ideally you should start with 3-4 gallons and repeat the process the following day in case it doesn’t work. While shocking your water you should ideally add some algaecide a few hours after circulation.

Filtering and pumping: The filtering procedure is going to differ according to the kind of filter you have. If you have a DE filter then the first thing you have to do is backwash it. Then you have to add DE powder, shock the water and run the pump for one full day. Check if there is any leaves or debris obstructing the drain. The filtering procedure in sand filters aren’t any different from that of DE filters only you need to backwash for 5 minutes. The cartridge filters on the other hand requires more frequent cleaning than DE or sand filters. You should clean it twice a day and continue it till the pool is clean.

Filtration and brushing: After 24 hours of doing the above procedures your pool water is going to look much cleaner. However in order to remove the cloudiness you need to keep brushing and filtering it for a couple of days. The filter needs to be backwashed after 24 hours of circulation.

Though the DE filters involves a lot more work than the sand filters, they help to clean a green pool much faster than the sand filters. Once the green water is clean you might get to see the debris on the flood. When the amount of debris is small you can vacuum it but if there is too much of debris then you need to get the help of an expert pool cleaner and power vacuum your pool.