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Pool Plastering

Pool Replastering is often needed to bring your pool back to life and give it the benefits you expect. Pool plaster usually degrades as the years go by. You will notice that the pool plaster has become rough on your feet and hands when it is ready to be replastered. You may also be noticing pits and pocks on the surface of the pool as well as snagging swimwear when your pool needs this service.It’s also important to point out that when your pool’s plaster is eroding it may have thin or bare spots and this may lead to waterproofing problems.This means your water seeps through the plaster to the cement and causing damage underneath. Plastering is usually a smart option if your pool is at this stage.


Our Pool Re-Plastering Services

Over the years, we have developed an outstanding team of employees (not sub-contractors as some companies do), that perform outstanding replastering with beautiful and long-lasting results. Our team has served homeowners all over Ventura County with their pool plastering needs.


Pool Plastering and Finishes

Today, we have numerous outstanding pool finishes and plastering options, including PebbleTec. When we come to your home to estimate the work, we provide you with samples to explore your options more fully. Our pool designers can also provide suggestions that will exactly meet your needs for your pool.


Below are the PebbleTech finishes we offer


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AAA Pool Maintenance & Construction is a well-established Ventura County company providing full pool and spa services. This includes regular pool maintenance, pool repairs, pool remodeling and new pool construction. Our large staff of experienced people make the difference. We offer tailored solutions and designs specifically created to fit your needs.

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