Pool Safety: Do Diving Boards Make Your Pool Dangerous?

pool safety diving boards
When we are swimming in the pool as a child, there are pool features that mark our childhoods. There were some pool playthings with a pool slide that we...

Swimming pools have always been a source of joy and fond memories. From the playful pool toys to the thrilling slides, they offer endless fun. But among all, the diving board stands as a symbol of thrill for many. However, with the thrill comes significant safety concerns.

Understanding the Concerns with Diving Boards

Diving boards, while offering the unmatched excitement of leaping and splashing, have raised eyebrows among pool owners in South Ventura. The potential dangers associated with them have led many to either professionally remove these boards or do it themselves. If you have one at your pool, it’s paramount to ensure everyone understands the risks.

Drowning is a major pool safety concern. But diving boards introduce another layer of danger. A report by ABC News highlighted that between 1990 to 2006, about 6,500 adolescents annually found themselves in emergency rooms due to injuries from diving. That’s a total of 111,000 ER visits in just 16 years.

For those who have pools, it’s essential to ramp up pool safety. One way is by installing fences of at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) high around the pool, especially around the deeper sections. Gates that are self-latching, self-closing, and have locks out of a child’s reach can further enhance safety.

Pool Safety: Do Diving Boards Make Your Pool Dangerous?

Assessing Your Pool for a Diving Board

Before you even think of installing a diving board, assess if your pool can handle it. Diving boards are ideal for diving pools that have varying water depths. The deep end is for the divers, while the rest is for everyone else.

Interestingly, stats show that 80% of swimmers prefer the pool’s “play area”, where they can comfortably stand. In diving pools, this means most swimmers are in the shallow end, leading to potential overcrowding.

If your pool lacks a deep end, adding a diving board isn’t just a pool safety risk; it also diminishes the overall swimming experience.

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