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Ventura County AAA Pool Maintenance & Construction

Caring for your pool can be a daunting task, keeping your pool clean is vital, and the key to keeping it clean is routine care to protect your pool from damage. Pools differ and so do their maintenance needs. Murky water is a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Sparkling blue water is the result of having routine monthly pool service maintenance. Regular maintenance can also tackle the cloudy water problem right at the start. Often this could indicate a more serious problem, deteriorating pool finish, for instance.Maintaining the right balance of chemicals in your pool is done through regular servicing, ensuring the correct levels of chlorine and acid is important. Proper pool maintenance requires chemicals to balance the PH and to kill off the bacteria that grows in the water. There are several types of chemicals needed to provide safety for you and your family; you may need stabilizing Agents, Algaecides, Sanitizers, Water Clarifiers, Stain Removers, or Shock Agents. We can help make sense of it all. AAA Pool Maintenance staff is fully trained and certified to care for your pool with attention to detail.

Weekly Pool & Spa Care – Full Service

Weekly pool and spa care includes…
  • Skim Surface
  • Brush Tile and Wall
  • Vacuum or Leaf Master as required
  • Test water for proper chemical balance
  • Add liquid chlorine and liquid acid on the day of service based on chemical readings
  • Clean skimmer basket and pump lint basket
  • Backwash and clean filter as needed
Quality-MadePools & Spas

Chemical Service Only

  • Test water for proper chemical balance
  • Add liquid chlorine and liquid acid on the day of service based on chemical readings
  • Backwash Filter and Add DE as needed
  • Check and Correct Water Level as Needed
  • Clean skimmer basket and pump lint basket

Spa Routine Maintenance Service

Keeping a regular service cycle for your spa is vital to ensure many years of enjoyment. As with any pool or spa there are filters to clean, sanitizing of the spa and water, and proper pH balance. During the winter months you may want to close up your spa and there are special requirements to ensure this is done properly to protect your equipment and spa surface. We can help take the stress of proper care off your shoulders and let you get back to just really enjoying your spa.

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AAA Pool Maintenance & Construction is a well-established Ventura County company providing full pool and spa services. This includes regular pool maintenance, pool repairs, pool remodeling and new pool construction. Our large staff of experienced people make the difference. We offer tailored solutions and designs specifically created to fit your needs.

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