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March 31st, 2017

Maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t necessarily involves a lot of hard work. Maintaining your pool on a weekly basis would ensure that the pool is clean and safe for swimming. If you are a resident of Camarillo CA or Ventura County CA who is wondering how to maintain your pool then just keep reading this article where we are going to discuss the basics of pool maintenance. Use a skimmer to remove the accumulated leaves and debris at least once a week. Clean water and a balanced H2O chemistry are the 2 secrets of pool maintenance.

Balancing the pool

Make sure that your water has the right levels of calcium hardness, pH and alkalinity. Maintaining the right water balance would keep everything running smoothly and also prevent the metal fittings and equipment from corroding. Most importantly it helps to prevent irritation of the skin and eyes.

Chlorinating the pool

Ideally you need to keep the chlorine level between 1-4 ppm in order to prevent the growth or algae and bacteria. You can chlorinate your pool by using liquid chlorine, chlorinating tablets or chlorinating granules.

Shocking the pool

Weekly shocking the pool water would remove all contaminants which cause murky water, strong chlorine smell and irritation of the eyes. The basic shock products would exterminate the bacteria and break down all the swimmer’s waste like sweat and cosmetics. It also lowers the chlorine smell and keeps the pool clean and clear. The multifunctional shock products on the other hand helps to restore the water clarity by getting rid of the swimmer’s waste, bacteria while restoring the right pH level of water. They are also known to enhance filtration and add extra protection from algae. The good shock products would allow you to get inside the water within just 15 minutes time.

Adding algaecide

Algae are very small plants which make their way into your swimming pool. If you leave the algae build-up unchecked then you will experience a host of problems including clogged filters, reduced water circulation, and lowered efficacy of the pool chemicals. Algaecides would help to treat the growth of algae and also keep away further algae attacks. Some algaecides promptly destroys all sorts of algae and keeps them from coming back. There are other algaecides which are used for eliminating only the green algae which you mostly see in pools. Preventing the development of algae is the key to a clean and healthy pool. Whenever there is an algae attack make sure to use the algaecides to restore sparkling clean water.

Cleaning the pool

Skim the leaves and debris at least once a week if not twice. Make sure to clean up the skimmer basket in the summer. The pool water needs to be tested every week. Make use of vacuums, cleaners and brushes which have been recommended by the manufacturer of your pool. Always start cleaning from the shallow end and make your way to the deep end. Ensure that the head of the vacuum cleaner is under the water while in use. The pool area needs to be hosed thoroughly before using.