Homeowner’s Guide to Pool Remodeling

homeowner guide to pool remodeling
Are you thinking about remodeling your residential or commercial swimming pool but don’t know where to start?

Are you thinking about remodeling your residential or commercial swimming pool but don’t know where to start?

While it’s undoubtedly a fact that remodeling involves a lot of budgeting and decision-making, the truth is that there’s an easy, step-by-step guide on how you can do a pool remodeling assignment with as little stress and disruption of daily life as possible.

The result will still achieve a high level of satisfaction on your part; each requirement on your pool needs will be catered along the way. The best thing about it is that you’ll be so pleased that your backyard retreat is complete that you literally can’t wait to jump in and enjoy your remodeled pool!

Are you ready to get down to it? Let’s take a deep dive!

homeowner guide to pool remodeling

The beginning of Pool Remodeling

Before anything else, contractors usually plan everything ahead before starting the project, including mapping out the location and estimating the start time and completion to set the client’s expectations. But this is just a forecast of what will happen; the estimates may vary depending on the factors during the executions, such as events, circumstances, weather conditions, budget allocation, and many more.

Like any other construction, renovation, or remodeling project, there’s a whole lot of moving components that work together to achieve the common goal.

Pool remodeling contractors work each day to bring you the visioned, perfectly remodeled pool. In cases where something unexpected happens, like delivery delays or material changes, the completion date is affected. Pool remodeling professionals try to foresee these situations and have backup plans if this situation happens.

The process of Pool Remodeling

Drain the Pool

To drain your pool, you should put a submersible pump at the bottom of your pool with a hose leading out to the street. The draining process time usually takes around 5-15 hours, depending on the size of your swimming pool.

The submersible pump may emit a loud “slurping” sound when your pool is completely drained of water. We advise homeowners to unplug the pump’s power cord from the outlet after usage.

Chipping Out

The pool’s surface is removed and primed; if homeowners have requested a tiling, this is the step to get done. Chipping is arguably the most challenging job out of all the pool remodeling steps, and the whole process takes about half a day. 


Homeowners get to choose their preferred tiles for their newly-remodeled pool. The whole process takes anywhere from a day or two, depending on pool size and the number of tiles. Take note that if you’ve opted for a plaster finish, the tile trims on the steps are added on the last day of the plastering process.

Surface Application

In this phase, contractors mix pebbles and plaster with the right consistency of the material. After that, the mixture is pumped into the pool using large hoses. Our expert plaster artisans begin hand troweling the pool surface, which takes approximately around 4 to 6 hours.

Pebble Application

Once the pebble application is finished, we will add acid to the swimming pool surface; this officially signifies the start of the pre-filling step. The Pebble Application is generally fast and should only take a few hours.

Adding Water

Adding water to the pool is the most fun part of pool remodeling; contractors add the water once the pebble acid wash and plaster are already in place. It is a must that homeowners must be present during this process; the water must reach halfway up the tile line or the skimmer opening before turning off the water flow. You must not turn off the water flow before filling up the pool with water, or else water lines form up on the inside of your swimming pool.

One good way to go about this is to control water flow. Slow it down, but don’t turn off the tap until the pool is filled up.

Depending on the size of the pool and the water pressure, filling up the pool should take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours total.

Chemical Startup

The post-water startup relies on whether you’re using plaster or pebble. The plastered pool is about the same process as pebble-based ones, but the difference is that it takes a few days to complete it instead of just a few hours in one session.

This is because plaster is more sensitive, and homeowners will have to match the water’s pH level to an acidic state for a more extended time than pebble-based pools.

Do you need a Pool Remodeling expert?

Are you looking to make your swimming pool extra? Here’s an excellent team to partner with. AAA Pool and Spa offer the best pool remodeling in the whole of South Ventura county. With over 30 years of experience, we still meet the clients’ expectations with courage and integrity!

If you want to get your pool done, contact us here!

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