How does Shotcrete technology work?

Shotcrete technology is one of the best methods for pool contractors when it comes to pool building. Aside from being efficient at work, it also lessens...

New technology constantly evolves from our phones, TVs, and even cars. The continuous updates and upgrades of our technology help us be efficient and effective in our field and at our work. Pool contractors are some of the people who use advanced technologies to deliver the best results to their clients, from vacuums, generators, chemical feeders and mixers, salt chlorine generators, and much more.

Shotcrete technology is one of the best methods for pool contractors when it comes to pool building. Aside from being efficient at work, it also lessens the manpower, and the most important is that shotcrete technology provides the best quality result when it comes to durability.


Types of Shotcrete Technology

Dry mix shotcrete (DMS)

It is based on when the water is poured into the concrete mix or mortar. The water is added to the nozzle in the dry mix shotcrete. It involves combining cement and wet aggregates with the required ratio before the device or machine is supplied. The systematically mixed elements are set on the device hopper. For the process, the mix, under the compressed air, is taken from the hopper towards the nozzle through the delivery hose pipe of the device.

The nozzleman controls the quantity of water included in the dry-mix process. The amount of wetness is controlled using a large valve. In limited access zones, the dry mix process is applied.

Advantages of Dry Mix Process

– Enhanced Bonding ability and bonding strength.

– Water content is regulated at the end of the nozzle.

– Less waste is generated during the drying process.

– Low investment.

Disadvantages of Dry Mix Process

– Required skilled nozzleman to control the water content mixed through nozzle tuning.

– The spraying procedure is challenging.

– High dust release.

– The Water-cement ratio of the mix is based on the nozzleman.

– Difficulty in addition to additives.

Wet Mix Process for Shotcrete (WMS)

The wet mix process applies to mix all elements to form concrete or mortar through the desired water content. The mix is drafted before placing it in the equipment or device.

The procedure involves forcing the wet mix to the nozzle through the delivery hose pipe using compressed air, giving a mixed shot at the high force on the surface. The varied ingredient is delivered to the pump using a transit truck. The amount and rate can be controlled manually as the wet mix requires transportation facilities.

Advantages of Wet Mix Process

– The water content is accurately managed.

– The cost of the process is lower.

– Less labor is required.

– The spraying process is easy.

– The consumption of air is less.

– Additives can be added as per the design requirement.

Disadvantages of Wet Mix Process

– Wastage of materials is high

– Transportation of mix will require high control.

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